The Compass Badge is the first badge awarded in Company Section.

It requires 6 points fom the Discover programme, 2 from each of the 3
activity zones. It is usually award ealry in the boys first session in P7.


The bagde is worn on a large armband on the right arm as shown here.

Boys Brigade badges in Company Section are worn on both arms.


Left Arm  
 Right Arm  
Left Arm NCO / Seniors
Right Arm NCO / Seniors

 The Boys Brigade The Discovery Badge 

The Discovery Badge is the major award for Company age group boys, It is normally achieved during year 3 ie in S2.


In order to achieve the Discovery Badge boys must complete the following activities:

  • Gain a Core Activity Award in the last 12 months.
  • Complete a ‘Faith Journey’ element.
  • Complete 1+ Night Away or 2+ Adventure Days.
  • Complete 3 hours volunteering in Company/Church or ‘Volunteer’ Staged Award Level 2.
  • Be an ‘Active’ member of the Company.